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Charging an Electric Car


Powering the Future of EV Mobility.

Our mission at Charge-X is to improve the accessibility and simplicity of EV charging to make it a more convenient and pleasant experience for EV drivers. Find out how you can take your business to new heights in helping us with our mission to improve the future of EV. 

Electric Car on Highway


Find out how you can qualify for free 50A Autel chargers to be installed at your business with your local utility providers rebate. You'll also receive a share of the revenue.

*site must get approved for their local utility providers rebate

Electric Car Charger

Upgrade Your Business

Find out how you can attract more traffic to your business and add an additional source of revenue. By getting an EVSE installation by us, you’ll receive guaranteed revenue streams as well as have your business on the map for all EV drivers. Get posted on various platforms such as but not limited to Apple Maps, Google Maps, Ford BlueOval, and PlugShare.

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